Climbing the (Silver) Ladder

We will be using a modified version of the Climbing the Ladder steps from Vampire: The Requiem Second Edition (pg. 282). All the mentions of Kindred, clan and covenant should be treated as saying Mage, Path and Order; as well as any other general themtaic changes needed for the shift on game. Other specific changes are below for each question. This is a group activity so questions that arise can be answered as we do it.

Confront Vulnerability

Use as written, either before or after the Awakening. Try to tie to the idea of Obsession.

Believing Someone has the Answers

Looking Inward should be pre-Awakening.

Looking Outside should be a Mage that you trusted early after Awakening

Meet Your Maker

Looking Inward should be about the Awkening itself or immediatly after it.

Looking Outside should be used as is, although the familial aspect is likley lesser.

Find Fear

Use as written.

Leave a Witness

Looking Inward should be a mortal that you tried to explaining magic too, maybe even demonstrated. how did that go?

Looking Outside should be a time that you let Paradox free.

Use either as a mortal that was scarred by your magic, they won't remember it but  you do.

Suffer Your Defects

Skip this one.

Beg Someone

Use as is, can be pre- or post-Awakening.

Remember Your Victims

Use as is.

Embrace a Wrong

Use as is.

Find Like Minds

Use as is, but The Dupe may be a Proximi or Sleepwalker as well as a mortal or Mage.





Climbing the (Silver) Ladder

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